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26, 27, 28 March 2020


Pilates ITC

3 April 2020


Multi-dimension Posture

2 & 3 May 2020


National Pilates Training

@ Aligned for Life Studio

29, 30, 31 May 2020

Seoul Korea

Wellness Pilates Studio

The following are example workshops Sally delivers. Please enquire about any

other topics that might be of interest or previously delivered by Sally. 

All workshops earn PDPs and/or CEC's with national and international industry bodies.

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The Jumpboard for Plyometric Training

Plyometric training refers to explosive exercise utilising powerful muscular contractions. The Pilates method offers a unique opportunity to train and challenge plyometric ability utilising the Jumpboard.

This workshop will look at the mechanics of jumping

as a plyometric activity and the integration of traditional and evolved Pilates Jumpboard

exercises for plyometric training.

Next Dates TBA

Applying the Pilates Method: On the Armchair

Extensive, multi-functional repertoire on the Pilates Armchair for integration into the Pilates Studio environment. This comprehensive program devoted to the Armchair will give participants an extensive framework for incorporating the Armchair into the Pilates studio environment

Next Dates TBA

Right from the Beginning: The Warm Up as Efficient Preparation

Effective preparation underpins the whole client program. The ‘Warm Up’ section (before The Hundred) of any program provides the opportunity to make or break the session. It is here that we can strategically set up muscle patterns, postural address, and specific focus that allow the program to build from an effective starting point.

Next dates TBA

Multi-dimension Posture

This workshop looks at posture in multi dimensions, focusing on a pelvic primary

postural analysis and intervention.

Using Pilates and pre-Pilates repertoire, and integrating wedges and other props, we will

map strategies for the intervention of a chronic postural type that occurs off the pelvic posture, inevitably incorporating the whole body picture.

Next dates TBA

Pilates Method Immersion

Part 1


Starting with a look at the history and development of the Pilates Method in context of a broader global picture we will build a perspective based in facts and actualities of the time then allows for contextualisation of industry development and lineages. This session will also include application of selected repertoire variations across apparatus and across approaches.

6 PDPs

Pilates Method Immersion

Part 2


Looking at strategies, approaches and repertoire applications for Modern Posture, this session examines more complex biomechanical issues developing from modern lifestyles, along with exercise selections and repertoire variations to apply in the studio to rebalance. This is postgraduate-level postural correction work.

6 PDPs

Pilates Method Immersion

Part 3



This session explores strategies, approaches and repertoire applications that allow us to create an environment for health. We will examine essential requirements, exercise selections and repertoire variations that allow us to layer a more complex understanding of how to function more efficiently and how to view Pilates programming for a health- enabling perspective. This is postgraduate-level work.

6 PDPs

Pilates Method Immersion

Part 4


This is a day of programming for more complex client issues and conditions, working through activities related to programs provided as templates for experiential use and the repertoire variations from the programs.

Client condition template programs will be provided, although requests to include specific conditions or requirements may be made in advance.

6 PDPs

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